Or Choosing to Live Like A "Good Friday" Disciple

Like many around the world, this past weekend our church contemplated the suffering Savior in our Good Friday service and then all-out celebrated the now-not-dead-but-fully-risen-and-alive Savior on Sunday.

Our Good Friday service was intentionally designed: dimly lit auditorium and a somber mood. I wanted to feel the weight of this night. Though I know how this story ends, I wanted to get a sense of how the disciples must have felt on that day that this Savior willingly allowed Himself to be put through the most gruesome and vile sort of death one could witness.

Wasn’t He supposed to save them?


The Challenge of "Rich"

As with all of us, the older I get, the more differently I see life around me. Perspectives change. For example, I with I had known at 27 when I first had kids what I know now about the gospel and raising my kids.

Or marriage. Wow, do I ever wish I knew at 22 when I said “I do” what I now know about loving my wife and how the gospel intersects my wife and I every day. As God has opened my spiritual eyes, I had no idea what I was saying “I do” to! How God has chiseled some unneeded pieces of clay from this work in progress.

New Look! Same Website.

Thank you to all of you as my readers who follow my blog. I do appreciate each of you! In an effort to get my site more up-to-date, I have moved my website to a new look that will continue to evolve over the next few weeks. It gives me much more flexibility and options moving forward.

But for you, you should not need to do anything in this transition. If you are an email subscriber, you still should be receiving an email for each new post. If you follow me as a WordPress user, you can still follow me at the same domain name,

Thank you!