And a Fresh Mindset That Will Set You Free

Managing conflict? Or having a tooth extracted with no pain killers?

Hmmm…many times it seems as if I would rather go with option two.

Why is that? Why does it seem like the craft of resolving conflict is such a poorly-developed tool in our culture today?

It is one thing to deal with conflict. It is an entirely different matter to manage conflict well.


And How to Get Release From Its Clutches

I am a recovering people-pleaser.

OK, it’s out. I’ve said it.

There is a lot of self-admitted brokenness going on in my life. Granted, I realize I have blind-spots to other areas as well, but just what I see myself is enough to overwhelm me sometimes.

But on this journey of mine over the past 50 years, there has been one area that God has brought to the forefront that has caused more danger in my life than perhaps any other, and that is people-pleasing.

The Danger in Being Efficient With People

If your life is anything like mine, if feels C-R-A-Z-Y at times. And on any given day, there are multiple tugs from both people and processes, all vying for my attention.


I want to give the time that is needed to each so that I am effective in what I do. And to carry those things out, I have researched ways that I can be more efficient in how I accomplish what I am working on. Everything from how I plan my day and week to apps I utilize to make it happen.

Are You Experiencing These Three Benefits of Community?

Our family is hitting several milestones this year: both my wife and I turn 50, Claire turns 18, Courtney turns 21, and my grandson turned 1.

And there was another big event as well…my youngest graduated from high school. And so my wife and I are transitioning into a new stage of life as parents. And one of those new stages is Claire is now going to college.



How is this possible? How is it possible that my little cutie, who was so immersed in the Barbie movies and American Girl Dolls as a young girl, is now getting ready to study interior architecture?

How to Effectively Make Decisions as a Team

I don’t know about you, but I love to watch people.

When I lived in California and visited San Francisco, some of the most fun of the day was walking through the city and just observing all of the unique and eccentric people or people groups. The human statue. The man playing his nose as a flute. The guy declaring the apocalypse was upon us..again. And all free. What a country we live in!

As humans, we are all so alike yet all so very different.

Do you also find it interesting to watch the leadership styles of individuals and how they get things done?