Can You Really Lead Without A Title?

The Myth About Influence

Back in a prior career, I was in the retirement plan division of a large insurance company. And after a few years, I was promoted to a regional team leader position. And this meant I had a team under me for which I was responsible. 

There are two individuals from this team that stand out from that leadership experience. The first was an analyst who complained about any roadblock that was laying across his path. Thinking was confined to his desk. Every molehill was a mountain. Every customer was an idiot. Every problem was a setback with no creative solutions in sight. 

And we had several conversations about these things. He was never going to go further than his current influence because that is what he chose for himself. Victim.

My “Everyday Carry” for Leadership (Part 5)

Helping Others Create Change in Their Lives

Change. Not a word we always like to speak about as leaders. Personal change is never easy, especially when it involves my own character. And there just seems to be an increased level of difficulty when it involves change of those around me with whom I have influence or responsibility. So how do I help others change?

I consider one of my roles as a leader to help shape those in my sphere of influence. Leading is not just about projects. It is more importantly about people.


Today we are on my final post of my “everyday carry” (or EDC) for leadership. It has been extremely helpful for me to think through those essentials that help me to be a strong leader and maximize my influence with others. 

My “Everyday Carry” for Leadership (Part 4)

How to Receive What You Hear in a Way That Leads to Success

Have you ever considered those items that are foundational to your being an engaging leader? You need to. Because no one ever drifts into healthy leadership practices. What are your “go to’s”?


In the past three weeks, we have looked at some of the essentials of what I “carry with me” in order to have a vibrancy and robustness in interacting with people and projects: indispensable reads, personal character traits, and last week, apps that I use that are getting it done for me.

New Look! Same Website.

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But for you, you should not need to do anything in this transition. If you are an email subscriber, you still should be receiving an email for each new post. If you follow me as a WordPress user, you can still follow me at the same domain name,

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My “Everyday Carry” for Leadership (Part 3)

Apps That Are Making It Happen for Me

In recent weeks, I have been discussing that necessary gear, tangible or intangible, that is helping me be a more effective leader. I call them my “everyday carry” items for leadership. Part 1 is an ensemble of readings and writings that are making a dent in my thinking. Part 2 articulated four character traits that I deem absolutely essential to “getting it done.”


In part 3 today, I want to share with you four apps that are giving me the ability to manage my day as well as interactions with others. And these apps have both desktop and mobile versions available which give some nice multi-platform functionality.

My “Everyday Carry” for Leadership (Part 2)

The "Who I Must Be" of Engaging Leadership

This week continues the theme of “everyday carry” If you read last week’s post, it is all about those things that we carry with us that we deem as essential and necessary to help us in our day.


In a twist of the term, I wanted to challenge us that there should be an “everyday carry” for us as leaders, those indispensable tangibles or intangibles that make us what we want and need to be as leaders.

In part 2 of my everyday carry for leadership, I want to list four characteristics that have served me well in my almost 30 years of being in various leadership positions.

My “Everyday Carry” for Leadership (Part 1)

Readings and Writings That Help Me Pursue the Right Things

Have you every heard of the term “everyday carry” or EDC? It has become quite the phenomena. At its most literal meaning, everyday carry refers to those things that you carry everyday with you in your pockets or in your bag.


They are the essentials, the things you check for each time you leave the house, those things that you cannot do without. They speak of what helps you feel prepared, those items of utility that help create a more effective day. In another sense, it has fueled a desire for knowing what other people carry with them that they deem to be a great product. 

Check out – it provides some great visuals if you have never been exposed to this concept before.

I definitely have my own set items that I deem to be of the everyday carry variety.